Friday, October 21, 2011

Frocktober - day twenty-one

Today's outfit might not be the most professional thing I've worn to work.  In fact I think unless you are some kind of children's entertainer or a 1950's housewife, giant polka dots are never going to create an impression of a hardened professional.  However they are very cheery and tonight I'm going to see a production of the Wizard of Oz so I think it will be quite appropriate then.

This outfit also includes a red bow in my hair, a fluffy red petticoat and a string of pearls, so I'm feeling exceptionally girly and will no doubt flounce about happily all day.  I must say, my skirt feels gigantic but I realise it is so much smaller than what women really wore in the 50's.  I wonder how they got things done? 

On a completely different topic I note the current controversy about Julia Gillard (Australian PM) not curtsying for the Queen.  As you may have guessed from the fact that I wear giant dresses, I'm not adverse to such ladylike things as a curtsy and I'm sure if I happened to bump into the Queen down at the shops or something, I would curtsey.  But that doesn't mean that I think the leader of our country should. 

Let's face it, Julia does not seem the curtsying type.  She is the leader of our country, she meets heads of state and various dignitaries all the time and she shakes their hands.  So I think it was perfectly respectful of her to shake the hand the Queen offered.  But there is nothing like a good controversy when the Queen is in town, so I expect that it will bubble along for a few days yet.

Hope you are all having a happy Friday.


  1. Looooove this one. You look amazing. I would be tempted to steal this from you if I knew you in real life!

  2. The.Boopy - thanks, the boys at the office were a bit surprised but they like it.

    Aneets - Thank you! I don't know if they still stock it but it came from:

  3. Oh! I've just seen that this dress is on sale, so if anyone loves it go to:

  4. This is perfect for Wizard of Oz! Absolutely perfect :)

    I have been a bit amused at the curtsy controversy too. The morning news shows on when I was at the gym painted Julia's non-curtsy as completely inappropriate, which seemed pretty unfair to me. I was pleased to see The Australian clarify that it is a personal choice and there's no hard rules around curtsying practices!

  5. This is so gorgeous, I think it's my fav outfit of yours for the whole month so far! :)

  6. Kari - that was certainly the consensus at the show!

    Elyse - thank you!