Friday, October 7, 2011

Frocktober - day seven

On Tuesday I was pondering just how long it would take me to wear a cocktail dress to work.  While this may not be a full on cocktail dress, given I've worn it to cocktail parties and a wedding, I think that it qualifies. However I've also taken the sensible precautions of wearing a thermal top and thick tights today.  With rain and a top of 15, I've decided that today is one day I'm not going to freeze!  The colours are actually a fair big brighter than the photo shows, so it is making me cheerful on a grey, cold day.

I was almost caught out this morning by another issue associated with dresses and skirts, particularly where they are made of a soft flowing material.  It is something all women dread and which most of us have seen at some point - the horrific sight of a skirt caught up in pantyhose!  I had been to the loo and was about to leave the stall when I realised something wasn't quite right, I did a quick check, and sure enough if I had left in that state I would have been showcasing my bottom to the world - or at least to the office.  It was an important and timely reminder to me that I must be that extra bit careful!

The flowy skirt will be an asset later today though, as I'm going dancing after work.  This dress is dance tested, so as long as I can keep it out of my tights, hopefully I can avoid showing off my underwear for one more day.


  1. Hehe, there are certainly hazards to watch out for when wearing dresses :P

    I love pairing stocking types like you're wearing with lighter clothes. It means I wear half of my wardrobe year round, just with variations in the layering. Clever adapting of this dress!

  2. Kari - thank you! I agree, layering is the way to go. Why leave the pretty dresses for half the year, after all, winter needs to be brightened up too!