Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Frocktober - day eleven

I have often mused on this blog about how lucky I am to be surrounded by some super wonderful people.  I'm not quite sure how it happened but I've been lucky enough to end up with a fantastic bunch of amazing, caring, brilliant friends.

One of them is my gorgeous friend The Divine Ms N.  When asked to describe her I always use the word lovely, as in "she is just the most lovely person you will ever meet" but I don't think that really does her justice.  She is a ray of sunshine in any room, a generous, big hearted, gorgeous, truly lovely person.

She also has a brilliant sense of style and the most covetable wardrobe you have ever seen which she has built up through superior shopping and e-bay skills.  This is particularly important in Frocktober as the gods smiled upon me by making us the same size.  She was absolutely my savior last year when she let me loose in her wardrobe to borrow away to my heart's content.  When she offered to do the same thing this year I of course leaped at the opportunity.

Yesterday I headed over, a bunch of flowers in hand as my rather pathetic thank you for the support.  I perused her awesome collection of clothes and chose 7 lovely dresses.  She then presented me with the one I'm wearing today.  I had borrowed it last year and she liked it more on me than her so she gave it to me to keep!  I was overwhelmed - see what I mean by generous?

But I couldn't possibly expect what happened next.  I had been home a little while when I got a text.  It read "Hi darling I am loving the extra hanging space so much, please keep all of the dresses you found this morning :-)".   Yes, you read that right, she just gave me another 7 dresses!!!  One of the things I left out from above is that The Divine Ms N is as determined as she is lovely,  I know full well that if I try to return them, they are going to keep coming back, so I will just have to think of something to show my huge appreciation - ideas are most welcome.

And in the meantime, I will just continue to feel incredibly lucky, humbled and overwhelmed by my wonderful friend.


  1. That is a true friend you have there.

    Loving the shirt under the dress look too, have never been able to pull that look off, well done.

  2. Thanks Aneets. I tried it for the first time simply because I had borrowed the dress and it was cold! I guess necessity is the mother of invention. And you are right, she is one in a million.