Thursday, October 6, 2011

Frocktober - day six

It is serious corporate wear today.  I haven't worn this dress since last summer and I had forgotten just how much I like it.  However it is my only dress with a high neckline so occasionally if I don't think about it as I sit down I throttle myself.

I did go dancing in my black and white pansy dress last night.  It has a great skirt for dancing, not too flared and all revealing which is nice.  However the straps didn't want to stay in place so a few times I think I flashed a bit of bra - luckily I was wearing a nice black and white one which matched the dress!  Oh well, such are the issues of dancing in dresses.

Last night was one of those nights which confirms what a magical activity dance really is.  A couple of my good friends had not had the best of days.  One had a day which can really only be described with a string of expletives.  But after a dance or two, they were all smiling and feeling remarkably better for it.  I think it is a combination of the exercise, music and friends - with maybe a little touch of indefinable pixie dust magic - that does it.  I certainly know that even on the nights where I have to pry myself away from the couch and drag myself in, I always have a great time.  Next time, however, I might just dance test my dress first!


  1. Your dresses are seriously inspiring me to update my wardrobe :)

    I did smile at the neckline thing though - hurting myself with clothing sounds like something I would do!

  2. While I don't have anywhere near enough dresses to fill an entire month, your posts are making me so happy that last year I committed to getting out of pants and into dresses, and thus have been building my collection!

    Also, I so wish I could go dancing right now. I need the lift!

  3. Kari - I must have done it at least 10 times, most embarrassingly in the middle of a meeting!

    Hannah - My motto is that you can dance wherever and whenever you feel like. That is why my colleagues have caught me dancing in my office before.

    Megan - thanks! It was freezing though, today I'm a bit more appropriately dressed.