Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frocktober - day twelve

This is another of The Divine Ms N's dresses, isn't the colour gorgeous?  I however need to remember to take the photo earlier in the day when the shadows aren't quite so unflattering.

I was writing a catch up email to a friend who lives far, far away today.  She has just had an impossibly gorgeous baby and was saying how even in her highly sleep deprived state she is incredibly happy.  It led me to muse on how if you are happy it is so much easier to cope with stresses.  I'm generally a happy person, but I've had down times and I've noticed that there are things that don't rate a mention when you are happy which become a big deal if you are down.

That realisation has made me really try to focus on the important things in life.  If little details change or don't go my way, I try to go with the flow and enjoy whatever the outcome is.  Stuck in traffic - enjoy the extra time listening to the radio or just being zen.  Group picks a restaurant I don't like - find something on the menu and focus on the company.  Shoes not in my size - consider it a savings plan.  There is enough to worry about that really is important without clogging my head and dragging down my mood on the small things.

I think this has made me happier and more relaxed.  All part of the pollyanna syndrome I guess!


  1. I totally agree! Don't sweat the small stuff :-)

  2. Utterly gorgeous colour! I don't own anything that red.

    And oh, yes. Funnelling our thoughts into a positive frame of mind can make such a difference!

  3. I love your perspective here - it does make such a difference, although of course the catch is that when you're stressed, it's harder to remember to take that step back and not get caught in the details! It is very worthwhile though.

    Gorgeous dress, too :)

  4. Love love LOVE your philosophy. It's so true! It's amazing the time and energy we waste being upset or angry about the most trivial little things, that are mostly out of our control anyway. I love your way of looking on the bright side. I am going to put in a conscious effort to do this over the next few weeks :) x

  5. The Boopy - it is a good mantra for sure.

    Hannah - it actually came out more red in the photo, it is a brick sort of colour, but yeah, great and very mood lifting.

    Kari - I know the time when you need it is the hardest time to remember. If I feel myself getting stressed now I just take a deep breath and it really centres me and give me a chance to refocus.

    Elyse - let me know how it goes! Changing the way I think about the small stuff has had such a profoundly good impact on my life.