Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ahh healthy food

It has been a fantastic weekend of brilliant parties but I have eaten was can only really be described as a lot of crap. In particular my intake of pink sugary substances has been abnormally high as a result of the Hello Kitty themed 30th birthday party and the naming ceremony for a baby girl.

So tonight S and I made ourselves big bowls of salad for dinner. Ok, they did include some chorizo and haluomi but on the whole they were made of delicious fresh vegies. Mine disappeared in record time, S even commented on it. But it was just so lovely eating the fresh tasty veggies after our junk filled weekend.

We whipped the salads up in just a few minutes, quickly frying the chorizo and haluomi took the longest time and then tucked in to exactly what our bodies were craving.  It was a super satisfying Sunday dinner.

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