Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have a slight obsession with scarves.  I know they are essentially just rectangular pieces of fabric, but they come in so many shapes and sizes, fabrics and colours and they can (in my opinion) transform an outfit - not to mention keep me warm on those cold Canberra winter mornings.

Scarves also fold up quite small, so this and my general obsession means they are always at the top of my must purchase list when travelling.

On my recent travels I went a little scarf crazy, I think I brought back 8.  While I was away I thought I had gone mad, now I'm back I'm thinking I really should have got more!  Today I wore one of the 8 for the first time, a gorgeous silk number, magenta on one size, dark purple on the other.  It really is quite spectacular and perked up my otherwise black ensemble.

But you know the best bit about a gorgeous accessory from a far flung place?  If you get a comment you can oh so casually say - oh yes, I got this in Vietnam.  Talk about name dropping!

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