Saturday, April 30, 2011

The morning after the night before

Hmmm the morning after the night before. It was a very successful Royal Wedding party. We had far too much food and drink. The gossip was too loud to hear the commentary. Three women wore wedding dresses, my Mum had her hair set in a "Queen Elizabeth" (she looked awesome) and there were formal dresses and tiaras galore.

I drank quite a lot of champagne and as a result was not the perkiest person this morning. So what better thing to do (after washing up the glasses that is) than spend a couple of hours learning a salsa and tango routine?

It was hugely fun if somewhat taxing on my hungover brain. But as with all exercise the endorphin rush was great and the giant burger that followed was both excellent for the hangover and could be enjoyed guilt free after the exercise.

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