Thursday, April 28, 2011

Change of season

The change of seasons marks a change of favorites.  Peep toes are swapped for boots, silk nighties for feather doonas and peaches for mandarins.

I remember listening to someone in a market one day complaining about all the "boring" fruit now summer was over.  But I disagree.  Much as I adore a sweet juicy peach, or a heady scented mango, the tang and crunch of a crisp new season apple is right up there for enjoyment.

Winter brings a delicious variety of pears, rhubarb - gloriously red and ripe for compotes, as well as citrus of all sorts.  Imperial mandarins are particular favourites of mine.  Their loose skin makes them easy to peel and their small segments are almost lolly sized.  They are packed with flavour but somehow that makes your mouth feel fresh and refreshed.  I eat literally kilos of them.

All too soon the season will be over, but there is always something new and delicious in the fruit store, it is about enjoying the season as it arises.

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