Thursday, April 21, 2011

Being the easter bunny

When I was a kid the Easter Bunny was always exceedingly good to us.  My sister and I used to embark on a massive egg hunt where we would fill our baskets with mountains eggs hidden all over the house (apparently we had an indoor bunny).  One they were all discovered, we would sort out the haul to make sure we had equal amounts - an important rule stipulated by the Easter Bunny.

My favourites were the hard sugar shelled little eggs that looked like real birds eggs and of course the Red Tulip Elegant Rabbit, but we would have hollow big eggs, solid little eggs, caramel filled eggs - you name it if it was Easter themed chocolate it seemed to make its way into our baskets.

The bunny was very good at hiding all these treats, however did not always have a good memory of where the eggs were hidden which sometimes resulted in us finding eggs many months later.

As I grew up, I decided I just wanted one of those big dark chocolate eggs with the icing flowers stuck to the front.  I thought they were exceedingly glamerous and sophisticated.  My sister however has always preferred the hunt, so in time I took on some of the bunny duties.  I loved doing it, hiding the eggs, thinking of clever places, but of course she eventually grew out of it too (well not really, I think her husband has organised easter hunts for her since then).

So it was great fun last night to sneak into the office after hours and deposit everyone's Easter treats on their desk.  I purposely left early and arrived late to emphasise the miraculous appearance of our treats.  It is always amusing to see how long they will last, and the answer - at least one had already disappeared well before lunchtime.

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