Friday, April 8, 2011

The goodness of 3 in one neat bun

I believe it has been well established on this blog that I lurve the Flute Bakery.  I've also written about my special relationship with hot cross buns.  One thing that may not have been covered is how much I love brioche, a type of sweet bread which I often use for super excellent french toast.

So can you imagine my reaction when I walked into the Flute to discover that they make brioche into hot cross buns!  If you are thinking that it is possible that I bought a large number of them, then you would probably be correct.  If you are imagining that I squealed and then did a little happy dance, you may also be correct, although that part happened in my head (at least I hope it was only in my head). 

I must admit I haven't tried them yet, I'm waiting to share them with S.  They are currently sitting on my desk wafting an orange zest and raisin laden yeasty smell of deliciousness at me.  The only reason I've been able to resist this long is the flourless orange cake that I brought back to the office which has tided me over, but I better get these home soon or my resolution may crack!

P.S. These were truly excellent.  With quite a strong aroma of orange, the spices were nicely balanced and the sultanas particularly fat and tasty.  The glaze on top was also a sticky, finger licking delight.

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