Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Genius of the Freezer

Ahh the wonder of a deep freeze.  Mine is a hand-me-down that I got when my parents upgraded to a fridge with better freezer space.  Add a deep freeze to a microwave and you have the foodie's solution to not having enough time to cook.

Life is busy, but good food is important, so I refuse to eat those salt and preservative filled ready meals or expensive take-away.  Instead I regularly do a big cookup and make multiple meals worth of food that I then freeze.  The result is that even on the busiest day or in today's case after coming home from a few days away, there is a tasty, healthy meal ready within minutes.

Today is a cool grey day (cool enough to turn on the central heating for the first time), so I retrieved a gorgeous curry that S made from the depths of the freezer and in no time at all I've got a truly delicious, hearty meal.

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  1. When I went to the contents auction, a deep freezer went for $5... I was so tempted but had now way to get it home! Glad they are useful :)I made lots of things before going away so I didn't have to throw lots of veges away...