Monday, April 4, 2011

The awesomest friends

This morning I was looking out the window when I realized that the dry rot I'd been attempting to ignore in my pagola had now got to the stage where bits are starting to look like the might fall down and the wonky paling in the fence has headed to a rather extreme angle. The time has come when something must be done but after my recent trip away I wasn't looking forward to dipping into the savings to do it.

So rather than ringing for quotes I decided to put out the call out to my enormously talented pool of friends. I posted my dilemma on facebook and a couple of hours later a working party has been formed. In a few weeks everyone will convene at my house to fix it!

Gosh it is times like these when I realize how fantastically lucky I really am.  It isn't just that my friends are handy and actually know how to fix things (which is awesome in itself) it is that they would so instantly offer to help.  I'm counting my many blessings today.

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