Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good Hair Day

Recently S was looking at the box I keep my hair straightener in.

"What does GHD stand for" he asked.

"Good hair day" I replied.

"That is a stupid name" he said, "what does it even mean".

As much as I tried to explain, he could just not understand why we have a specific term for a day that your hair looks good and how the emotion of that would imbue a brand with that feel good factor.  Yes, there summed up in one short conversation is the gulf that exists between men and women over the importance given to how good your hair looks on any given day.

It always surprises S that he can get out of the shower and smooth his hair into position in about 2 seconds with his hands, while I'm still there 15 minutes later applying various types of product, sectioning, drying, styling etc.  He occasionally uses a comb, I own several combs, a couple of brushes, not to mention the significant amount of bathroom cabinet space allotted to hair products.

While I do love dearly that he thinks I'm just as beautiful when my hair is a wild afro as when it is professionally styled, I feel much happier when my hair is under control.  And on those rare days - of which today is one - when it decides to behave and form controlled yet sexy curls, well it puts an extra spring in my step.

So while S might think every day is a good hair day for me, I'm happy to report that today I agree with him!

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