Friday, April 1, 2011

See my shoes!

Do you remember the Simpson's episode where Mister Burns wants to turn all the greyhound puppies into a suit and he sings the song "see my vest"?  In it he says see my vest about a hundred times and I was thinking about it because all day I've been wanting to say see my shoes to everyone I've met.

Oh they are awesome shoes, sage green slouchy suede high heel boots.  I love them but you know what makes them extra special - they were given to me by a friend.  Officially I am the minder of the shoes, they still belong to Renaissance Judy (she is the ultimate renaissance woman - a science teacher who is an extremely talented artist, jewellery maker, photographer, calligrapher, chef, gardener, designer and makes an awesome cocktail) however as they are too large for her but fit me perfectly, they get to live at my house and on my feet unless requested back by their owner.

Cool shoes- now there is something guaranteed to make me happy!

On a side note, I so had the Mister Burns song in my head that I was signing it in the office and managed to lock it in another couple of people's brains too - oops sorry for the earworm guys! 

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