Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yesterday I wrote about all the things I love about cold weather and today I wore one of them.  I got my boots (well one of my 7 pairs) out from under the bed, wiped off the dust (I have too many to fit into the storage boxes I bought for them) and put them on.

I still remember my first ever pair of boots.  They were knee high, black suede with a blocky heel and I loved them.  Sure that heel dated fast and the suede went slouchy around the ankles but they were seriously cool.  Over the years I've had numerous pairs of boots in both knee and ankle high.  They have been camel, brown, crimson, navy, sage and there has been at least 5 black pairs in there.

I love the versatility.  I've worn them with skirts, under trousers and with jeans tucked in.

I love that I can wear nice warm socks under them and still look fashionable.

I love that lots of them have fantastically coloured lining that only I get to see.

I love that they keep my feet warm and dry. and looking great.

In short, I really do love my boots!

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