Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The new shoe dance

When I get new shoes they always put a bit of a spring in my step but when they are dance shoes, well I quite literally do a dance in them.

Tonight was the first time out on the floor for my gorgeous new dance shoes. They are really tango shoes but I couldn't wait for tango so I wore them to ceroc. They are my first ever red pair of dance shoes and you know how much I love red shoes. Not only that but they are my first pair of tango shoes and my first pair of dance stilettos!  If that wasn't enough, add in the fact that I actually purchased these shoes 7 months ago (oh there is a story there) and it was with quite a bit of excitement that I strapped my feet in and headed out on the floor.

All night I felt just a bit extra glamourous with those shoes on.

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