Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The World of Jelly

As I've written before somehow I've ended up with a reputation for being the queen of jelly shots.  I don't know if I should be flattered by this, I would probably hope that I'm remembered for loftier cooking feats, but if jelly shots are my legacy, then I will make them fantastic.

This Friday is a good friend's 30th birthday so I thought I should inquire as to if jelly shots were required.  There was a resounding answer of yes, and a mention of a pink theme, so last night I set about making a range of pink themed jelly.

Owing to limited time, I couldn't quite manage to add in berries and things like I did for my NYE jelly shots, but I have made 4 types. 

With a significant number of people not drinking at the moment and the likely presence of several small children, two are non-alcoholic - rosewater (dyed a luminous hot pink with grenadine) and condensed milk raspberry (just add a 1/3 condensed milk to 2/3 water mix and it is delicious, a trick taught to me by S). 

The other two are no doubt the ones that will be in demand.  There is the normal raspberry and vodka (a classic combination) and I used "create-a-jelly" to turn cranberry and cointreau into a kind of jelly cosmopolitan.

I think they look great and I'm sure they will go down a treat.  After all, who doesn't love some jiggly, wiggly jelly?

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