Monday, April 18, 2011

ANZAC biscuits

Late April is a time of warm days and cool nights, beautiful autumn colours, the return of boots and best of all ANZAC biscuits. 

I know those babies were designed to last the long trip from Australia to the battlefields of the first world war, but in coming up with that long lasting recipe, they also invested something pretty damn tasty.

I like a decently large ANZAC, preferably a bit chewy which I achieve by adding extra golden syrup.  And of course they are best enjoyed dunked into a cup of tea.

However I do know that there is a wide variety of ways in which ANZACs are enjoyed.  One friend turns them into giant kingstons by sandwiching two together with Nutella.  Others dip them in chocolate.  According to the acceptable uses of the word ANZAC section of the Department of Veterans' Affairs website, these would no longer make them ANZAC biscuits as they do not conform to the original recipe, however they are still tasty variations.

Do you have a favourite way of eating ANZAC biscuits and do you like them crunchy or chewy?

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